At Desert Off Road Caravans, quality and durability is our mission & functionality is our focus.

Manufactured in Western Australia by Desert Caravans, our caravans are built for off road use and are designed to be heavy duty. So they are perfectly suited to our harsh Australian outback. We custom build our caravans to suit your needs.

Full off the grid packages available with our new vans also as we are the Off the Grid Caravan experts

NB - Due to continuous products new to the market the information & specifications supplied for our new Desert Caravans is subject to change without notice. Please contact us for updated specs.


Go Off Grid -No Generators!

We are the Off Grid Caravan Experts!. As long as the sun is shining you'll have no need for a noisy generator and you'll still be able to run your air conditioner through out the day. You'll even be able to run your air conditioner and other appliances at night. Contact us to find out how.